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Artifacts of 2001 to 2038

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Artifacts of 2001 to 2038

Artifacts “Artefacts” of an era 2001 to 2038 mean a very different thing from any encyclopedia’s description to both you and I. In our modern, present and possibly future world, I dare say 2038, we may think only of a narrow definition of “what is an artifact”. What makes a 2001 to 2038 artifact? I have a very narrow description. It has to define what shaped that economy, politics and the main objects of desire and industrial demand. It was once the car, the television, even an entire home with all of what defined its occupant owners. What changed ? After the world’s greatest series of catastrophes which happened so close to each other, WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam…an era of illusionary peace made us all wonky. Yes. After...

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