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My personal world SEIKO

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My personal world SEIKO

Since my deserved but rather upsetting “troll” label on another forum, I returned to a small amateur reflection on my own philosophy of economics, industrial design and personal entertainment. Yes, a mish mash of trivia if one is in the pursuit of making a living. Fortunately, after a rough take off from the 1950s to the late 80s, I no longer work to survive. Thanks to a good government, parents, health, being married to a wonderfully good person (absolutely a necessity, not an accesory) Dolly,great kids who took only the very best genetic downloads from me and wife. And most basic of all, a belief in the God of Jesus Christ. This preamble is needful. Without which the reader, you, will not have any inkling to what on earth I live for. Those who have...

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