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12 Monkeys and SEIKO Chronographs TV

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12 Monkeys and SEIKO Chronographs  TV

12 Monkeys Time well spent indoors Television that connects fun and education by mental exercise to a high level. 12 Monkeys, serious contribution to history of how we went from writing on stone,  scrolls, paper and ink, to printing, to books, to literature, photos to film, to 12 hour , long seasons hour TV programming. What is a SEIKO watch but another small clock. But if frozen, with paper photos of where and when you were…in the far future. Have you and I done ANYTHING relevant? Or even relevant enough to change our minds, let alone life? 12 monkeys Time travel Is this mad? How far is 2099? Thinking of aviation in 1900, and the B29, the B52, the Airbus 2012…well and phones in 1965, handphones 1988, web and smart...

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