Greubel Forseys choose who would own them

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Greubel Forsey

This time, I lost.

Not enough money at this CRITICAL junction…period.
There are no words I can add…but if I had much more money…I would buy this watch again, and again…one white…asymetrical, the other blue…with the IF diamonds..round, symmetrical.
White simply because possibly only 2 exist..8 and 28.

The BLUE…its in platinums.’s still a Greubel Forsey.
Arguably the best tourbillon that could be made…if money was no object.

I wrote the above yesterday…and saved it. I hear momentum gathering around the web as well as on the ground..about the fact that not one, but TWO, possibly VERY important asymetrics from Greubel Forsey are coming on together, just 24 hours apart.

Platinum 28 made in 2007 (not sure) and my own No Platinum 8 made in 2011.

Knowing full well that less than 35 platinums were made, an estimate I calculated…and less than 2 …these 2…were white gold dials….arrggghhh.

I feel like bidding against myself.

My No 8…doing some promo…has a unique Greubel Forsey box…the 28 has the standard…with no deployant buckle that is pure GF price! And old standard box…

Well…I need the cash.

On the other hand, I feel I am making a BIG mistake to sell this platinum at any price.

The box was:


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