Buying your ONE landmark watch that projects “YOU” and “Your Philosophy”.

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Your wristwatch projects you and your philosophy of living.

It does NOT HAVE TO BE proportionate to the relevance, size or budget you control, or leverage.

BUT…you must NEVER underestimate the DAMAGE it can do, and it can reveal who are sincere, forgiving, honest and et cetera to you, and likewise…to others.

YES. Wearing your philosophy is OPEN for those who see it.

The BEST ? In every way? This era?

The LANDMARK watch you own, you bought, that you project, engage in conversation, hand down…projects your philosophy or POV of life.

It will take a whole book of CHAPTERS to describe it.

Bear and tolerate my attempt to aid you:

Please, double check my reputation when it comes to speaking up, and to sincerity.

Facebook or google may help:

Here goes:

(1) Similar to history, watch collecting will have envy and ego play higher and yet higher KEY roles as time moves toward “the internet of things”.

IMHO….Icons worth much much more than their purchase tag will be born at regular intervals.

(2) Among the handful of economic giants in the past 20 and the next 30 years, only 2 or 3 DOMINANT languages will shape advertising across this world. I believe it.


Check the web with the hundreds of requested interviews from publishers that have GOOD, sincere and accurate quotes…The New York Times and newspapers.

(3) Internet forums have backroom discussions which serve a purpose of sustenance to them, and we must never hold malice. Note how over 2003 to 2015, my “destruction” over the Purists took place, and the words and malice. Ask why.

(4) Always consider buying BOTH used second hand as well as brand new. Like a car, it becomes secondhand, in that split second you bought it.

(5) The RISK of buying used is 1. Unseen damage 2. Replaced parts may be inferior 3. Purity of that watch’s parts, if it matters.

Always remember….it is easier to fake the boxes and papers than the watch.

(6) Buying new from the best boutiques NEVER assure you 100% of what left the factory or workshop. Just less than a 100 people would have handled it before you. Even about 10% of my watches, as me…Bernard…have a possibility of damage before it reached me. That is almost 100x your chance. Always check. Never assume that a small color, shape difference in line produced watches mean that the watch is “wrong”. The world receives differing forms of the same model….from Rolex to Greubel Forsey. Especially Patek, least of all, Greubel Forsey. This may not be the GOSPEL truth, it is MY experience since 1976.

(7) In the REAL world of high end watches and NOT quartz, or Asian ripoffs…watches cost the same as cars…often homes. KNOW that.

(8) Know that Rolex has been making over 600,000 watches a year, or more for decades…in my opinion….in case I am wrong. Patek..about 80,000 a year, Lange…3,000 to 4,500 a year.

(9) NO MATTER how rare you think or are reassured by the CEO to the board of directors, you are likely to find any make of superlative price to rarity……….the watch you own, may have an even MORE beautiful piece !!!

This is NOT dishonesty. This was one reason why banking, trading on listed boards and so on have regulations, and the FBI to INTERPOL spend time and money watching n regulating.

In fact, in 1998 and each year till 2010, I have stated to reporters, brands, and ALL parties that the watch industry WILL follow the UNREGULATED ecodynamics of ART and ANTIQUITIES. Until 2002, auction houses did not attempt to move capital to acquire, assess and value the 1997 Vianney Halter Antiqua.

Both because I lacked money and to remain unbiased, I didn’t buy the Halter Barnes till 2002 or so…for $115,000 sgd. By 2011, it would go into history to rise to $300,000 sgd. BUT would maintain unregulated by law, open to price suppression by dealers who don’t own one…to below $70,000 sgd. If you have one, gold, it is worth what the French post renaissance painters charged. Chagall and Monets even, were worth what prices that”experts”, often charlatans like me…all relatively speaking…..valued them!

(10) HARD FACTS are size, materials, tough resistance to environment make art level rare watches the NEW wealthy asset. REGULATIONS and TRANSPARENCY is inevitable before 2023.

(11)) HARD FACTS are that the Swiss were wise to mislead in the years before quartz the real numbers made, among all the brands. It lead to global GOOD….by mystique and allure. FACT : I was the FIRST individual to use BOTH news online and print to be disgraced “by announcing that a mass, ‘identical” line product can become art.

(12) HARD FACT, industry proclaims their wares correctly today as art. I admit that 11 and 12 are truth, but written for my ego and redemption.

(13) I do conceal knowledge, as well as my own silliness. I never ask for ANY money in any form….not because of generosity, but to selfishly guard my value and free opinion.

( 14)) My 1800 era Hamiltons or whatever pocketwatches run well. No other complex machines as old, would without restoration.

(15) In KL for the 10th YTL Journey thru Time, paid for in majority by billionaire Tan Sri OBE Frances Yeoh….talk to me. At the BALL 5th Nov.

(16) Hard Fact, I used ALL of the money I made to buy new Greubel Forsey (2 tourbs) and ( 1 used serviced by GF).


#Lange 1 tourbillon # Greubel Forsey I P 1 # ultimate watches

#Lange 1 tourbillon # Greubel Forsey I P 1 # ultimate watches

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