When you are searching for better things…materialistic? Heathy living? I don’t know.

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What makes some people materialistic? The numerous studies reveal some interesting generalizations.

1. Young adults from divorced families frequently become materialistic.

2. If the child was raised in a poor family, they are likely to become materialistic.

3. Children attending schools with poor discipline and frequent fights, vandalizing by other students, and general defiance of authority were more likely to become materialistic than children attending well organized and highly disciplined schools.

4. Older people are more materialistic than young people.

5. During poor economic times, people become more materialistic.

6. People from poor nations are more materialistic than those from rich nations.

7. People who watch a lot of TV are more materialistic than those who don’t.

Many other statements such as these can be made.

Below is the ORACLE CD2500 Mk3 CD player..made in Canada.

Yes, Canada…where you may not really associate with materialistic people…this CD player, plays ONLY CDs and nothing else. It will cost $15,000 usd give or take.

I did not shrink the picture because I want you to have time to let the thoughts SINK in.

Did I buy one? Yes.

I did it for well being, and for my own pursuit of understanding WHY people buy EXTREME things…which do not always return status or act as status symbols.For example…unknown independent watchmakers.


Now, look at this other object which I recently acquired to study the philosophy behind “the ultimates”.

I bought these in 1995 or so…in my phase of putting together a high end audio system.

It was a hand assembled wood, leather and superbly finished pair of italian speakers..the maker actually flew to Singapore to see them installed in my VERY tiny room.

It was $15,000.

I think.

It also took a pair of KRELL MDA monoblock amps that were able to deliver loads of current into a speaker like this..the Extrema..that could drop to 1 ohm of impedance.



And if you thought that was expensive:

Then we can always look into google, and google Krell amplifiers and Apogee speakers.

There is even more.

But I get ahead of myself….

These hifi equipment get out dated..but watches don’t.



Then there are “cars”.

Like most people, you can find more car lovers than watch lovers, at least for now.


I think at least four sets of needs are basic to the motivation, functioning, and well-being of all humans.

I call them needs for safety, security, and sustenance; for competence, efficacy, and self-esteem; for connectedness; and for autonomy and authenticity.

A person either desires or wants what is essential to their survival, growth and functioning.

If these psychological needs are unsatisfied, materialism is often the result.


As a practising doctor, of 30 years experience, I do NOT believe to change a person or society from being materialistic to being oriented towards activities or ideas that increase psychological well-being.

One can dilute materialism, but not replace it. It will bring up idealists!

Or worse, religious fanatics, and all sorts of judgmental people.

Just let people alone, and have fun. What it means is that it is cool to have alot of money to buy toys…but it is also cool to NOT buy toys too. No one is really right or wrong, until they IMPOSE their belief structures on others.

These eclipse speakers are among the BEST in the world, if your room is small.

They do not cost a fortune..well they cost $13,000 sgd. There are speakers that cost 30X the price, but it depends on the “motive” behind the purchase of those speakers…did the buyer pursue status or simply the BEST speaker for his room , of an immense size.

The gallery above is full of pictures of an almost hedonistic lifestyle.

But I know the people, including me, and we are all singularly in pursuit of the best one can afford…to spend…without harming the family, or others.

I want to leave this planet, knowing that I have tried the really good stuff.


Individual should think about its implications for their own life.

Just, maybe just learn to keep normal needs in balance with psychological needs. Going to either extreme is harmful to well-being.

Second, consider the things YOU are afraid of. Such as “loss of face” or “a reduction in status”. These fears often lead to materialistic behavior such as compulsive buying of things. Make a conscious decision to stop the materialistic treadmill.

I think that each person should find their true psychological needs and find ways to meet them without buying something to satisfy loneliness, disconnectedness or other psychological needs.

Materialism per se, in vitro, doesn’t satisfy psychological needs and actually leaves the person more dissatisfied. But combined with healthy insightfull thinking is GOOD and actually means having a FULL life…not everyone likes hiking, climbing mountains..etc..these are also materialistic behavior in disguise.

Relationships that involve doing things together instead of spending money on each other, are often NO BETTER and may lead to squabbles and acts of “who is better”…one of the most destructive forces in life!

Finding activities that satisfy you without going shopping for more things…get real…shopping IS FUN. And is no better or worse than people who excel in marathons or singing!


Children copy parents’ behavior.

For the parents to demonstrate non-materialistic behavior is NOT honest. It WILL break down. It will mean that those who cannot excel in other areas besides philosophy, thinking, buying stuff involves alot of intellectual process….yes..being a tai tai is often not as simple as it sounds. The dynamics of relations, status and all sorts of competitiveness similar to sport exist.

Only well grounded parents should talk to their children about the whole issue of materialism. They should also show children how commercials and advertisements are little more than tools to manipulate them into wanting something…which they may or may not need NOW…but could well serve to help them understand their own characters…and what makes them frustrated…

Parents that can agree not to purchase only name-brand clothing or buy the latest cool stuff. This creates a different reference group for children to compare their lives to.

The final choice is yours: will “things” make you happy or would satisfying other goals make you more content and happy with your life. NO ONE KNOWS.

Even biblical characters had cool stuff, for the times they lived in.

Solomon had tons of the finest!

MY PERSONAL experience?

I felt GOOD and ten times healthier after my first Porsche! And 20x better after my 3rd Porsche.

I can rationalise that I cannot afford a more expensive car…the Porsche is my limit…

I will buy watches, and less expensive…comparatively…high end audio.

Live long and live well…share..don’t compete when it comes to friends.
















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  1. Congrats dear friend. You ask the good questions and begin to have the good answers. You’re giving a way at your life.

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