What the hell is status?…not good advice. BUT..

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Seriously, reading GOOD graphic novels or good TV series like “Homeland” is cheaper.

But for what its worth, showing off toys are men’s most childlike behavior:

New cars are typical.


2Or a new puppy!


Especially CNC steel milled machines.

6Believe it or not.

I love this 4 month old rescued puppy my wife got, VERY much.

I never guessed that if I had to loose my car, or puppy…I will not hesitate to loose the car or watches.

This doggy is naughty and a handful.

But it has taught me “love” and “kindness”.

And also…I now know, although I don’t look down or classify people into rich/poor etc…the less fortunate people are more class conscious and “stuck up”.

I find this strange.

But..I accept it. Like…practising as a GP, I have the status of one step below a surfer dude/beach bum. But 2 steps above garbage collector. That’s Singapore.

It’s actually the doctor’s fault.

I make more than I can use…but status…zero.

I can identify with mongrels!

puppy mongrel


  1. Doc, very sweet puppy….name ??

    have a nice day


    • Bernard Cheong

      He was rescued from a ltter of 3 dead pups!
      In a trash can. Then aged 2 months.
      VERY alpha male, but negotiable.
      I don’t agree with being a nasty guy to subdue him..he is now 4 months, and doubled weight from 4kg to 10 kg!
      He plays bite, very naughty..etc.
      I have to show him I am boss…it will make him safe, secure.
      But I am by nature, kind.
      I will try.

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