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What is NOOTROPIL 1200mg tablets made by GSK?




The medicine is NOT a suppliment.

Since 1980s, it has been used with polar opinions.

One thing for sure, it has shown no harm when taken at high dosesages.

I wite as a layman, not as a doctor who has been on this ONE brand of Nootropic.

I have been taking Nootropil made as 800mg twice daily in the years 1988 to 1999.

I stopped, because I had forgotten about taking it, after a long holiday.

In 2006, I began 1200mg 3 to 4x daily.

It has INCREDIBLY helpful effects on IQ and WQ and Cognition, if you happen to belong to a select group of people.

It is costly.

It is harmless when you do not do unwise things like swallowing 10 tablets.

If you miss out.

It will be sad.

I can’t say more.

The effects are simply too variable.

Research is what I have for you above. ie VERY little.

Exploring the mind, as a pharmanaut is dangerous, but done smart, it will bring us all a better future.

Read all about it.

BUT….one brand stands head and shoulders above all: Glaxo

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