Vianney Halter, Jules Verne rivets

Vianney Halter's seminal works, inspirated rivets, and the use of Jules Verne's visions of the future machine age. It is rare to find rivets in art, works, machines that are small enough to be collectable.

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That Jules Verne rivets and steel experience

Vianney Halter and watch makers took 300 years to put rivets and make them so small, ant head size, to create that Jules Verne rivets and steel , steam punk aesthetic.

More, it’s an experience.

All three watches here are no longer made.

Neither can any of the three be remade or duplicated at their original costs.

How rare can things get, if you don’t go above $300,000 ?


aesthetic experience

jules verne rivets

Jules Verne rivets experience

Vianney Halter

cabestan vianney halter rivets

A vianney halter design

rivet and steel inspired

vianney halter inspired

steel gold rivets

steel rivets




  1. Bernard, Wow three epic watches…..each one in their own way……Two of them made from the same master…..which is one of the master from my point of view….and as usual great post as you can hi light the attention on some of the component that the people can never ever think of…….so simple when you look at it but so difficult to do it properly !

    About the pic…they are taken without flash but why they are so yellow ???




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    • Bernard Cheong

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