Valentine’s Day ? Forget ? If you have LESS than a budget of $1,000 .

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7 8This is a watch I saw at a party.

A really POSH party…ie House bigger than mine.

But there was this German lady, who I know owns and wears a solid gold HM4 machine…and a Greubel Forsey.

She was wearing a VABENE…I mean what???

Well the Vabene means something in Italian.

But the watch is 100% acrylic, finely machined, 4 screws holding several clear layers of acrylic….with a TOTALLY bare unfinished Miyota automatic…which is darn cool because it’s so BARE.

Then..there is a THERMOMETER for that funky look.

And 12 swarovskis for the hours and 4 for screws and 1 for the crown.

I rushed to the MANDARIN Gallery at Orchard to buy one within 12 hours.

There were only 2 left!!!!!

And the shop had been opened a year…I was so embarrassed that a watch so damned relevant to design cool was MISSED.

All I can say is…BUY it.

There are MORE colors coming in for Valentines day. I do not own any shares or commissions…I really mean it.

If you are a true blue collector, and not some snob, you may want one.

I have NOT taken it off my wrist since Saturday.

The medical grade silicon strap helps, and… is so darn comfortable, light, water proof….inexpensive.

Apparently it has been a BIG hit in the west…..this is the FIRST time I have been blind sided.

But it was because of my recent gift of a Cabestan (from the French) and my purchases of the Greubel Forseys that did it.

LOOK and be amazed and bring FUN back to watch collecting.

It is not about money.

This watch is as close to an Andy Warhol as you can get.

And…you can’t fake it…it’s already inexpensive.

I have every intention to buy the DOUBLE tourbillon they are making soon.
























































My err..embarrassing gifts that wife got me over the years were more costly. BUT this Vabene is simply so Warholean or whatever…..I win hands down.

This is one hell of an expensive bunch of "stuff"

This is one hell of an expensive bunch of “stuff”

Platinum and gold...yummy. BUT bad to use and wear around in times of economic downs.

Platinum and gold…yummy. BUT bad to use and wear around in times of economic downs.



















  1. Bernard Cheong

    Forgive the empty spaces..err…I am learning.

  2. Hey Doc

    Looks a pretty cool watch with the thermometer and its red accents. I just walked past the shop today and only realised afterwards it was the shop that sold the watch.

    • Bernard Cheong

      YES. This guy has a genuine take and an honest pricing system.

  3. Good Bernard good…. The word “VABENE ” in Italian mean Good !!
    Wow very innovative for his short price tag !!
    As usual the black LV is something amazing !!
    Also the Oceanographic 4000 is a great dive watch !
    Have a nice day Doc !


  4. Doctor, have you seen a similar design watch by Toy Watch?

    Same concept.


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