Unusual watches from 2012 to 2013, that people CAN AFFORD, and are worth looking at….and then more

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There is “industrial” machine replicated finish.

Which can be REALLY beautiful.

There is NO reason to look down on that.

Rolex and many companies use industrial finish.

It can be VERY fine.

Watches decorated by hand, can be beautiful.

But I personally feel it is worth the $$$$$ only if it is relevant, and not done just for boasting rights.

Which is the perpetual argument between PERFECTLY made Rolex and Seikos, versus dials made like these Ulysse Nardin erotic watches.

Even Ulysse Nardin has the sense to use machines, as on the Sonata.

Because there is no need for hand work.

But in the FREAK…you need hand work.

And they employ it.

The differences in prices can be 10 times!!!



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sony rx1 stein(1)

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  1. Wow Beranrd…..what a pictures but especially what a timepieces….unbelievable the Ulysse Nardin they are all amazing….even the sonata it’s beautiful !
    Thank you to share with us this beauty……
    have a nice day take care


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