Twin caged, double tourbillon inclined 30 degrees

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Twin caged, double tourbillon machines

These Twin caged, double tourbillons are so rare, the first 6 out of 10 took several years, nobody was counting in 2004.

Greubel Forsey was creating Opus 6 for Harry Winston.

Arguably or not, in gold, 6 of these plus 22 will make 28 in gold.

11 done in platinum.

Over a series of photos, and I hope that the 38 other owners…will share better ones, I hope to explain, no…encourage…that to obtain even 1 in today’s low market, at any price just above 1,000,000 if found in working, restorable condition…it is well worth to buy it.

I cannot afford one with the ease of enjoying the acquisition, but nevertheless, I know it is so significant as a machine of physics as well as a sculpture of engineering unsurpassed by any in history, to let it pass.

Words cannot describe exactly what beauty it carries, especially in a world that does offer , unchallenged, more beautiful watches or sculptures.


None would be a ground breaking, money no object machine that would challenge a B747, a space shuttle or even the great buildings of NY erected before the war .

It is both a M Leica or Porsche 911 in its place of history. And it is also a Guaneri or Rembrandt or Da Vinci.

The incomparable, simplicity of a single balance spring made to rotate at 2 speeds within ONE tilted spindle.



Invention Piece 1 by Greubel Forsey, now 14 years old.

Invention Piece 1 by Greubel Forsey, now 14 years old.


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