Toyota RAV4 3 door, 2000, Estima 2002, Porsche 991 2012 versus Richard Mille Tourbillon 02 (2002)

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Cars versus watch.
2000 to 2013
The watch? An RM02 bought in 2002 or so.
The cars, Toyotas RAV$ and Estima both 13 and 11 years old.
All are still with me…and the new 991 Carerra 2 cab, just 3 months old…lets see if my watches, and the cars, all the same price point last…and age well.
These 3 cars did age very well.
I love them, but I can feel they are old..


  1. Nice… The cars have sentimental values yeah?

  2. Even the super watch did age very well or not ??

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