Tourbillons, cost in efficency, huge increases in long term resales IMHO

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Tourbillons will always cost as much as 3 x to 10 x the price of the closest related watch in the brand.

Efficiency  will take a small 5% hit.

It’s because of the extra parts and mass.

Long Term Resales

Over any one’s guess, mine is that from 2002, to 2016…you will find GOOD buys in the used market.

I bought 12 tourbillons over the last 8 years. Only 3 were brand new.

I am sure of my moves.

I never ever buy with INVESTMENTS as a motive.

That is the secret of using your tastes, emotions and IQ to make the RIGHT choices.

Buying NEW watches NOW has a place:

My guess is to go conservative if you are new, less than 1 year into this hobby.

I don’t run any business that involves watches, trading or selling.

A nice Rolex in their classic, now larger cases, will live forever.

A Patek if you have even more cash….but I think that perpetual calendars will die off over 2017 to 2029 (even 2020).

Because the immediate joy of owning an object which is actually like a manual film camera is similar.

Only that a watch is really working FOR you and often projecting our own tastes, background and status of fluid cash.

IF you want returns, you need 10 years and carefully planned buys

There are better, but less fun, less sophisticated and less “have your cake” and eat it…

Look at this

Tourbillon from TAG Inexpensive now. Rare. #investment # good #value

Tourbillon from TAG
Inexpensive now.
Rare. #investment # good #value


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