Today’s Birkins seem not to be able to be as good when it comes to sharpness, coloring borders, stiches.

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 Look at the edges, and let what you see tell you about how leathers are not handled as well.
One could say that the blue is SWIFT leather, but below, I have pics of my 2011 Birkin, red, in CEMENCE.

Look at how CLEMENCE leather ages so well, and how good the old work used to be.
Trouble is that finding pristine bags are almost impossible, and I am NOT selling mine!

 Look at this 1967 bag, and the stitches, how the leathers are not pulled too tight!
Look at how sharp the edges are.
This bag is OLDER than most readers!
I use it to the clinic almost 3 times a week.

 Look at this 2011 Birkin’s edges!!! The stitches are too light, and are actually not of the same lenght!

 See the stich lines!!!
This GIANT 60cm Birkin I bought from Hiroshima is pristine inspite of use.

 Even the rough pull and push from medical equipment and bottles have done little to harm the Birkin!

 You can see how tough the leather is!!!

 This however, is a 2011 Birkin!

Look at the CLEMENCE leather’s edges!!!

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