The Years go by..1998 in Dresden with Lange & Sohne

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We looked much less “tired” and were total fitness freaks then.

I miss Gunther Blumlein.

I miss being anonymous.

The watch industry has grown….and I did not know then, that Robert Greubel was working on a piece from Lange which I was to buy later.

P1610256 P1610257 P1610259 P1610264 P1610274 P1610275 P1610276 P1610277 P1610278 P1610279 P1610280


  1. I almost didn’t recognise another watchmaker in the photos because of his Moustache. Richard Habring. I forgot he worked for Lange as well as IWC

    • Bernard Cheong

      Richard had just completed the IWC Deep One. With an outboard tyre pump like was a GST with gizmos.
      After Blumlein’s death, he spent some years diving and living off the land in Phuket.

      It was the end of Lange for me too.

      All of BLUMLEIN’S DREAMS were swept away.
      MOVTS came into cases as long as they fit.

      The dream of a custom movt per model didn’t come.

      Luminous material, which Blumlein never wanted on a Lange 1 dial came.
      The big size Lange with a small Lange 1 movt ‘happened’.

      I GUESS it was good…I discovered that independent makers were real. It was like a scene from INCEPTION.

  2. Thank you for these gems. Watch industry history! I believe the guy next to “Magnum” Habring in the last picture to be Rolf Lang (no “e”). Another watchmaker with a great spirit.

    And Bl├╝mlein…what a pioneer and visionary. Where are these guys today? Such great watchmakers have taken the stage in recent years, while the managers behind them do not even remotely compare in terms of talent and achievements.

    • Bernard Cheong

      I am such a nut from the 1950s, that I have only just realised this post you made.
      Thanks much for even reading.

      Blumlein passed away from leukemia, discovered after a fall that sprained his ankle.

      He is among the greatest giants in the history of IWC and Lange, and also JLC.

      If Lange were to make the Blumlein (little flower”) model in the future, it is and will be remembered by many who now are in their mid 40s and above…

      Yes, you got both men right in that picture …Richard and good old Lange.

      Only one…Rolf of UN, would stand a chance of comparison…also deceased.

      Thank you for reading, this blog is meant to share views, opinions and human reaction to the unknown and the unusual.

      I hope we meet one day.

      Feel free to use or copy, no need to acknowledge where you got pics from, I am here to give.


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