The year 2013 was when I managed to complete my most ultimate quest…the important Greubel Forseys, 3 of them

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the Greubel Forsey VisionOnly some of us humans will live, or be alive, to buy the Stradivarius or Miro from the men who were alive then.

I believed in 2004, that I had to acquire the heart of a project at Harry Winston, with Max Busser.

It was called Opus 6.

Later, it will appear in 2008 as Greubel Forsey’s Invention Piece 1. Less than 33 exist.

Less than 11 in platinum.

With great pleasure, much pain, I managed to buy a used , I mean, who the hell can buy a brand new Rembrandt?

Invention 1.

This watch is priceless.

To appraise the value of the 3 watches I managed to get…thank God I managed to buy the Vision 30 as a totally rebuilt brand new by Greubel Forsey.

And the 24 incline high speed tourbillon, in platinum with an “almost” identical to WG dial!

I have not yet confirmed if this is a unique piece.


These three watches will form the apex of my career.

But not the end.


Pictures of these in real life…impossible to see.

8watchesthe3 Greubel Forsey

The two 30 degrees…they are impossible to find..and I am indeed at peace.

I simply feel great.

It took patience, hard work, money.

I dare say…the few watches which are immediately “investments”.


  1. Bernard Cheong

    Tonight, at precisely 10.35pm 23 june 2014…I have been told by my wife that our daughter had graduated with distinction as a doctor!
    It is of course pride that fills my heart.
    However, our fairly normal family would not have benefitted so much, if not for the generosity of nurturing that I recieved from all the watchmakers from 1988 to 2014.
    I was not some sophisticated rich man.
    I was an outspoken brash person who opened my mouth too freely.
    It has been an incredible journey.
    That took me to the beaches of Normandy, to see the Rolls Royce Phantom being designed, to meet Vianney Halter, Max Busser, Rolf Schynder, Robert Greubel, Stephen Forsey, Hattori of Seiko, the Jet propulsion lab, Gunther Blumlein, be awarded as a total surprise a debutante at le bal Paris for my younger daughter, and now….news that my girl gets a distinction for her graduation.
    There are many people to thank.
    I married the right girl. A girl 10x smarter and academically 100x my superior.
    It has everything to do withwatches, for me.
    Because I never settled for second best, if I saw I could possibly get best.
    I never dreamed to have a Rolls for daily transport in Paris.
    I never thought I would have a helicopter for my contributions to articles.
    I know God lives. Because Jesus lives.

    I almost forgot P. Dufour. These men influenced my kids to strive for excellence.
    That is the best return one gets from teaching my kids about how hard work and good taste, will go a long way.

  2. Bernard,

    First of all congratulation and felicitation for your doughter, complimnets to her to achieve such a great target….wow well done !

    I don’t understand very well, so the actual IP 1 had to be the OPUS 6….than for some reason the cheange their mind and come out with the actual Opus 6 is that right ??
    And at the end the keep the IP 1 for them to be sold with the GF brand….I got it well ??

    Thank you for the explanation….



    • Bernard Cheong

      Hi Giancarlo,
      When I spoke with both Max and with Hamdi Chiatti (who launched the Opus 6), the design and look of the 6 was confirmed.
      Of course the movement’s layout was identical.
      Only the cover, or the dial, was of a more artistic liberties taken on Opus 6.

      I was also preparing to leave the moderators team, and help the independents, who at the time 2006, was very weak in the market.

      Today, the 6 pieces of Opus 6 maybe among the most valued.
      I doubt if any can be bought at even 3x the original paid prices.

  3. Wow….

    So why you haven’t got one ?

    Have a nice day….


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