The wristwatches MOST passionately assembled, but rarely seen in life or on the web GREUBEL FORSEY PLATINUM INVENTION PIECE 1 and ROSE GOLD CABESTAN

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2000pixIn fact, so rare are these seen, I will try to share the images slowly day by day if possible.

We live in the year when these two will be sold out, and cease to be available.

Due to possible poorer economies, we may NEVER see the mightiest, most costly to make and even design, micro machines, capable of ultimate reliability.

Complexity, micro and reliable and eternal rarely are placed on the same sentence, not to mention 2 machines.

Make no mistake..these are machines.

I have lived with for years, owned for 1 year and now forever, I hope.

Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 1

Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 1

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  1. Bernard Cheong

    These are the largest files ever to be posted for these 2 watches from the owner..most of the other 10 owners, will noteven reveal their pieces, a shame, for such examples of modern day work.
    Other brands largely represent what our grandfathers could do.
    This is genuinely 21st century.
    See post on purists:


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