The truth of an empirical proposition belong to our frame of reference, this becomes an important watershed value that requires focus when $700,000 to $1,800,000 Greubel Forsey is contemplated.

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It may be that enquiry is set so as to exempt certain arguments from doubt, if they are ever formulated.

Being a paid professional who had made a living from both the study of medicine and antiquities, an extremely debatable form of art, rather than science, and highly misunderstood by both doctors and clients/patients.

All confirmation and disconfirmation of a hypothesis takes place already within a system.

The value of correctness; or incorrectness, is the inherited background between true and false.

Marketing bends these values between true and false by the clever, skilled use and manipulation of human ego. That’s why, although there are other reasons, we or other people will pay for an item of almost over the top pricing.

If you take away 70% of a brand’s marketing, here I am referring to art museum level work worthy of maturing into highly valued artefacts of history, namely watches in the Greubel Forsey arena, you will have a clearer picture of values.

“It is my unshakeable fundamental conviction that Greubel Forsey has during these ten years of their existence, created  a relevant, possibly useful timing device that marries art more closely to technology of cnc and computer cutters, to make the worlds most obsessively devoted to quality timepeces man has ever tried. And that they pass full forensic level audits, that both double 30 incline and single 24 high speed inclines are of the rarity of below 800 pieces in sum total.”

I have not consciously arrived at this conviction by a particular line of thought, but that it is anchored in all my questions over the debates of relevant work at Lange & Sohne with the late Gunther Blumlein, as well as the artists of this small world, namely Philippe Dufour, John Baptiste and Vianney Halter. Among the engineers, I count Denis Zimmermann of IWC and Richard Habring. Of course, lengthy debates of profits versus market exposure of truths were wrapped around minds with my close friends at Ulysse Nardin. I owe Max Busser, much of my knowledge and exposure to industries beyond watch making.

I stress fundamental.

‘What if you had to change your opinion?’

And to that the answer is:

‘I don’t have to change. That is just what their being “fundamental” is.’

But what men consider reasonable or unreasonable alters. The parameters alter. At this current stage, even with a land sliding, tsunami force of technology to aid watchmaking, the returns are minimal.

Will there be less costly but equal to or microscopically better crafted watches? Yes, in time, for sure.

However, to own the first, the originals, when both Robert Greubel and Steven Forsey oversee all maters that arrive to you, the owner, the values of that will change positively.

Whatever, and how many they can make in their reign is a matter of math. It is finite.

The products are made to last, almost military grade. Much higher in fact.

Plus, after examining the process and work more closely, I am convinced that in terms of sheer goodness and quality, the absolute small amount spent on marketing, the consumer is getting value for money.

Almost a dead spot on good purchase. The only caveat is the extreme cost, which is a good thing….it allows me to move on to enjoy other works from lower levels, and to not feel as if I had stepped backwards.

No other company will dare to make so little in volume, at such high costs, and take so much back in damages that Greubel Forsey is forced into a good niche, with ample space for one.

Only my pre 1990 Pateks, pre 2006 Lange and Sohnes, and some handful of Richard Milles and MBFs, and the first round of 10 Opus watches are in the close, but lower, category.

A sceptic will challenge me to justify this particular empirical belief,  the sceptics will push this point, invoking considerations about non-standard perceptions and other psychological contingencies, including error!

However, think:

Just change gear and bring into play countervailing considerations about the framework of the discourse (the system of beliefs constituting it; the ‘conceptual scheme’) .

The assumptions upon the claim, but also the challenge to it, make sense. I agree. And due proper research will endure. Inspect and compare.

And at this level of sceptical challenge, that has to be enough: justifications in ordinary discourse come to an end at this point.


A crushing piece of work. The only mistake was creating the "technique 30" later, as it was too skeletal, making the appearance very mundane at distance.

A crushing piece of work.
The only mistake was creating the “technique 30” later, as it was too skeletal, making the appearance very mundane at distance.




Next post soon…TOKYO.

My hosts Yoichido and Greubel Forsey

And what one must contemplate to buy and what if one has not the means.

It is not the end of it.

It is the right way to begin all over again, finally, good for all.



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