The SEIKO tuna divers ( cermets and spring drive)

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I finally completed all the 3 major Seiko Prospex class divers of the serious range, i.e. made to be used, even if in gold.

1  First the gold version, made of a solid gold cermet composite, is actually, well, solid gold if you consider it is a real gold mix, just like 18k gold.

Price is doubled, but you get a scratch proof gold. Exactly what I wish Richard Mille should have used in any sports watch of gold.

This is most aptly coupled or carries the automatic movement, hand assembled in the prestigious Japanese Seiko studio for Grand Seiko finishing.

A limited edition of 700, correctly estimated, as it costs the price of an Omega Seamster auto in a chronograph steel titanium version.

2  Next a silver composite of a very well designed, IMHO, slim case Seiko Tuna, also limited to 700.

A good estimate for size of this sophisticated market.

As these are no ordinary quartz, but the super quartz from the Grand Seiko range, with fully separated drives for all 3 hands!

It has the Rolex Oysterquartz ticking sound, not found in most common place quartz.

Well worth my money, half the price of the auto, and half the thickness!

BOTH of these super reflective silver and gold watches are scratch proof!!!!

3  There is finally a titanium version of these in Springdrive, out in 2014, but got mine in 2015.

Thick, super nice to own, but careful not to scratch, although it has a hard scratch resistant surface.

The power serve indicator is so well put together on the dial, it reminds me of the days when I fixed Revell and Tamiya kits.


Finally, I have to say it is well worth to buy all 3.

Just look at the quality of probably hand painted rear third of the seconds hand!!! Especially in the automatic gold version.



Next is my take on more Greubel Forsey stuff of dreams.


tuna seiko sbbn029


tuna seiko automatic gold solid cermettuna seiko springdrive


  1. Hi Bernard,

    I would love to see the special box for this three diver, that seiko box its hard to find, I try it but I didnt find any !
    Always a pleasure to read your post !



  2. Bernard Cheong

    Yes. I don’t know if the shops still sell this. But the Tuna box is very special…it is all covered in a neat waterproof umbrella fabric.

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