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First, as a challenge. I had endoscopy done some 6 years back, and my anesthetists told me that under a combination of gas and some pre meds…I was awake, but I could not recall a thing.

So…yesterday, after a challenge, NEVER DO THIS….I repeated it.

Not the endoscope, but the gas.

I did not fall asleep….until after midnight.

BUT…I cannot recall writing or posting the previous post.

I read it.

It sounds like a cheesy attempt at a spy novel or some crap…..but one thing…I got the details of the tech parts correct, and even the price.

BUT..ALL of that other stuff never happened.

Moral of story….GAS is VERY good to use for interrogation, but may be unreliable.

All that happened, was that I bought the IP1 with the help of a loan from a GOOD friend.

3 year interest free loan, plus….a watch.

REMOVE all bs from the story, and u do get the facts of the IP1 correct.

DO NOT TRY DRUGS. These were hospital sanitized goodies.

And…Foucault was right.

I do recall this partgreubel-forsey-sincere-fine-watches-host-vip-dinner-in-singapore

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  1. Bernard,

    at the end I don’t understand the story was true or not ??

    Have a nice day



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