The Italian Watchmaking House of BULGARI

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Bulgari 303, something this good deserves the closest look

First, a natural look at the 303 after 5 days on my wrist, including the times I played the MDT with pals!
But look at the 303!!! In natural light, the Bulgari words appear as a design, the change of font alone was enough..but what the heck..
If you don’t have hIGH speed load up, this is one post worth the wait for the pics below!
There are very few dials abd work that is THIS good…at any price.
Have a look before simply buying…


Unlike collectors, you may just wiah to have ONE watch as a life companion…thru wet, dry, hot, humid..rough..scratches that don’t take away the beauty of the watch.


The Bulgari has the most original look of the new series, yet…maintains the heritage.
Having their own factory to make cases and bracelets help!



This is a sophisticated column wheel chonograph…not a cam operated device.
It is a Fredrique Pigquet derivative…tough and easily maintained for the next 100 years and more.

The following close ups using macro speaks volumes for the workmanship.
TOUGH and yet sophisticated.
About the best value around, and yet, rare…made in smaller numbers than demand.

A rare article from me…and this has been MY OWN WATCH, bought and used since 2008.
Reliably and roughly, as a clinician.


BTW. If it helps to know…the bezel is made of solid white gold…and everything else is surgical grade steel.






























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