The Greubel Forsey, is it possible to possess the best of any one item ever to be made? Deduction with Induction.

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Grebel Forsey Vision 301 Greubel Forsey (2)1 Greubel Forsey (1)Greubel GF 24Greubel Forsey bestMy original answer would be NO.

Because there is almost always a chance that something from the same era/genre/series that will be made “better”.

Until I had dinner with some of the world’s most influential music critics, violinists and historians….in Geneva 2011.

The last picture was taken in 2006 or so, at Vianney Halter’s place.

Like Julien Coudray who worked for the Julien Coudray 1518 Watchmaking Manufacture
set out to establish special ties with a circle of collectors.
The distinctive concepts of the unknown, hidden watch engineers and makers,calls for highly qualified craftsmen who listen, advise and create for the collectors and enthusiasts, putting themselves at their service.

Dufour, Halter, Coudray and now, after 10 years…Greubel Forsey begin to reveal their presence. As independents.

It is VERY difficult to market/sell such work. I treat them like violins from Cremona…the Stradivarius and the Guaneris, in their day…they too made very few.

Only 600 or so violins survive today.

Watches..they last forever.

With business and fast changing patterns of fashion…these watches will only appreciate , very quickly, because of rarity and later…demand. After 2020.

It will happen.



















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  1. Wow Beranrd, what a pic.
    I would like to have the real size pic of the IP 1 amazing !

    Well done Bernard…….

    Have a nice day


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