The arrival of my 3rd Seiko Galante

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It is not easy to find a truly high quality, hand assembled and hand finished watch with a world changing movement.

Most will begin at an asking price of $10,000 sgd.

Some more common mainstream pieces will cost $6,000 sgd

The Seiko Galante is an acquired taste, so was the Panerai.

The finish and assembly is twice as good (subjectively, in my opinion) as a Panerai.

It is incredibly put together, if it was made in Switzerland, it would easily cost $25,000 sgd and up.

Click slowly and discover why I bought 3 and now another 4th one…in just 3 months.

So there is plenty of hope for those who did not start in 1998.

Just look at the dial finish, the way and the intricacies of the paint/enamel on the solid mother of pearl dial.

Look at the finely etched lines on the indexes of 12,3,6 and 9.

Look at the blued seconds hand…the finish of the hour and minutes hands…many of the Swiss have not arrived at this level of detail.

The movement is an incredible statement of the state of the art, no batteries ever…and yet a carefully assembled mechanical derivative of 2 x the number of parts of a Lange 1.




  1. Where do you find them?

    I can t manage to find any info, is it onky available in Japan?

    • Bernard Cheong

      Only in Japan, HKK, Taiwan and Sydney.

  2. Thank you for the quick answer!

  3. Try Rakuten, esp if u are in Spore.
    0.8% higher in price…but good service and safe!

  4. A dream watch to own I’ve been looking at is the Seiko Galante can’t even find a China replica of it. Great pictures man. Was wondering what you might think of some music I produce? Maybe if you like it you might be able to shareit with someone who might be able to; in the long term create some income for me and afford one of these baby’
    My music is heard free.
    Daniel Abbott

    • Bernard Cheong

      Greetings! Music??
      I am absolutely for this idea.
      are u able to send the professionals who man this site a file that can be attached? ?

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