TAG Heuer V4 Phantom 2016 October production

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TAG Heuer V4 made in 2016 October production

TAG Heuer V4 watches are ALL about legends…and icons.

These are era defining watches. 5 years before main lining into 2002.

The V4 in all black carbon is about the most important piece. It is also my second one, the first was in gold.

Extremely difficult to come by, and impossible to fake. (all the fakes have flat dials with quartz or simple 2 handed movements.

I stress that this is a watch made in 2016, October and I bought it outright a few weeks back….with great difficulty.

This is because MOST V4 carbons that you see online in many, most reviews are looking different, these being due to the nature of making plates from this carbon matrix material.

I use the Lange 1 and the Greubels to give an idea of the watches size and majesty, yes…so light, yet massive.

The lange’s are already “reasonably big” as I have used the 1 as well as the tourbillon.

The Greubel is the MOST massive….and at a confirmed deal in 2015 September, another Invention Piece 1 platinum, also known as IP 1 was sold between two collectors, with a partial exchange of 2 watches, both Tourbillons, at my estimate of one Toric red gold Parmigiani tourb, one Breguet tourbillon and 1.13 million US dollars….whew..the most expensive. Both the fully carbon Tag V4 AND the Greubel Forsey IP 1 in platinum or even gold, are to enter the narrow halls of the world’s icons.

With ONE BIG DIFFERENCE. The TAG V4 is affordable.

Yes it is.

It is just “almost” not available….to the man on the street, due to the bad economic climate. Life’s hard truths.

Every child knows to buy low and sell high. Life rarely allows people this chance.

However, the V4 has never disappointed me…just like the Lange 1, I am still holding on to two..the Darth and little Darth, and the MOP Lamge 1 in full platinum bracelet bought for $39,800 sgd a decade or more.Tag V4 phantom Lange tourbillonTAGV4 with same plateTAG V4 Phantom 2016Lange and IP 1

Using dental xrays, I could differentiate between the current 2016 precise, cut of the carbon…compared to the earlier RM models of carbon. Making THIS or THESE TAG Monaco V4 carbon watches of a distinct high value…for reference to carbon cutting. I cannot wait to take hold of my TAG tourbillon. Which is HALF the price , but 100x more difficult to come across in phantom. But that one is NOT full carbon.



Tag V4 Lange 1 Greubel Forsey


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