Subjectivity, Pradas versus the mighty Corthays

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All antiquities, items of cultural relevance from shoes to watches to cars to buildings..should be evaluated on “articulation of preference”!

Quantifiable parameters…would reduce passion and creativity and art…to a mere check list.

The VALUE of an object should possibly be the degree that it can stimulate the best of articulation of a qualitative choice.

Is that what the men of Madison Avenue 1965 did?

Were they really after all…correct?

Look at these shoes..the Pradas, made in Italy…a mass barnd, no matter the “exclusivity” are inferior if one “measures” the work on a checklist of what is.

The Corthays are superlative on a check list, and have also the advantage of stimulating articulate description of its values.

The BMW skateboard, the barber pole…the Urwerk.

I always thought that IF I could describe the beauty of an object to another….better than another object …then is not the first more valuable in beauty than the second?

NOT pontificating…but just a thought for thoughts…


  1. Bernard, lastly do you get the Torpedo!! Wow…great choice!

    I think they are both fantastic shoes, but I believe that the PRADA’S it’s more industrial manufacturing (something like a check list for the people that assemble them)…than the CORTHAYS which I think they are hand made! Of course this is due to the size of the company involved…very huge company Prada and a one persons leading Corthays!

    You know I really wondering how do you leep the watches in the LV bags below the shoes!
    And you know what it will be a dream to see one of them open…..

    Have a nice day

    • Bernard Cheong

      Thanks Giancarlo…I just bought these on friday.
      They are now on my feet.

  2. Hello Bernard ! Could you please let me know where did you found the baber pole presented in your page. thanks by advance !

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