Sony Nex 7, in use layman’s review

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The buying of a new digital camera in 2012 July is a headache, and a joy.

It will involve hours of web surfing.

But..I learnt alot!

One big thing of course, is the sensor size. I already want as big a sensor size as possible. BUT, what I failed to take into account, was the ability of the camera to finely divide the sensor into fine pixels.

This is just like grain on a film in the “old days”.

At least, that is the way I look at it. The Nex7 from Sony is able to give super fine frain, because from the big sized sensor, they use the same aps c sensor as most slr cameras.

The Sony Nex7 can give over 24.7 mega pixels, that is a helluva lot.

Compared to my micro 4/3 G lumix, which I love and have used to photo the Nex7, with  a Lumix Leica macro lens..the sensor is BIGGER by alot…4000 pixels versus 6000 pixels on a picture.

I have resized all here to 2000 pixels.

The thing about sensor size is true, BIGGER is better, and more finely pixeled the better.

So that’s why I chose the Sony Nex7. It is NOT that easy to use out of the box, but, like all guys..we don’t read the instructions..but after 1 day or 2…playing with will like the Sony Nex7.

The 2 pictures in this post taken with the Nex7 is the one without the Sony, but with the lamp on my steel desk. You can compare it with the Lumix G..altho the Lumix is now 5 years old.

The first is taken of the Tread 1 watch, with the Nex7 macro lens.

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