Social market study..3 watches FS

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Cartier Tank Divan 2009

$26,000 sgd

pCartier Tank Divan 2009a1 franckmuller ccdf 8883fm2FM CCDF 8883fmaThe prices are not negotiable.

Items are to be bought within Singapore.

The purpose is to prepare myself for a small study on the difficulties or otherwise of selling a watch here in Singapore.

The money is simply to recover or profit/loss from items bought and owned by myself.

The moment an item is sold, I would, asap, inform this webpage.

The 3 watches are perfectly working, serviced, and I will understand that because I am a known collector, the prices may be rather high.

This maybe wrong.

The post will now appear online at 340pm 11 March 2015.

The Cartier is $26,000…I forgot to use photoshop to place this into the picture.

This experiment/study ends on the last day of March.

No phone calls please.

I fully acknowledge that using a small sale such as this, allows an ingenius and possible manipulation of prices.

Hence, whether the prices were met will not be revealed, only if the watch is sold, the sucessful sale will be immediately revealed.


for buying only, no negotiations. Face to face delivery.


  1. Bernard Cheong

    The Cartier has been sold at the price, on the dollar…no papers, no box.

  2. Hey Bernard,
    how are you doing ?
    What a bout this experiment ? It was successful or not ? Did you come up with some idea, you was able to sell them ?

    Thank you have a nice day



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