Show us the money since 1998

How the world spreads money around

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The Money and from 1998 ? Billions ?

The money? Nah…no body made that much. Used that much? Yes.

Billions of money are spent making good things that don’t go out of date or even die, rot or fall.

Yes. Watches will last forever. They are carefully made to supply what the industry feels will buy and keep and even sell to others…and then buy again!

Nobody can help but cheer for the ONLY industry that makes things to last…and even survive and grow healthier in value.

Ok. Maybe a Leica. Art does not count, they make one off products, with basic values that are doubtful at worst.

The money is well spread to other industries.

This industry does not even make really new and better models. Incredible.

It did not go to one or less than 10 companies.

But into over 1,000 different industries, economic models and needful as well as good supportive countries in and outside the free world.

1998 ?

Maybe a series of pictures along the blog , sent to me as jokes that became reality.


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