Seiko’s latest purpose built $20,000 sgd diving watch is polarizing but relevant

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A diving watch that resembles a Galante, but has nothing more than the four posts/columns.

Seiko has developed a multicoated lens, at a camera level, of sapphire, made of 2 elements…for much more visibility under water.

The diving Galante is not a real Galante.

It is much much more a Prospex Diver.

Finished to a high standard and using every new found tech, the watch may look awful. It looked VERY ugly in photos early in June 2018…but I am very happy with it. Do expect many people to ask what on earth it is…and it is very comfortable on the wrist.

Also, I did not expect that…in real life…it is actually beautiful. It is currently the MOST expensive of Seiko, Rolex or even AP range of diving watches, it is possibly extremely rare, and totally hand assembled by one worker.

Costing above $15,000 USD and no discounting, almost all are sold.

The crown is a complex design that is new.

The bezel insert appears to be brush finish, but it may be CMC carbon…I am not sure.

It is the MOST attention getting watch I have found at any price.

It is coated with DLC and PVD techniques for different surfaces.

The caseback is modular and totally surrounded for shock.

Very unusual dial treatment, and rather expensive, delivers high visibility.

It will take a very long time for the market to understand such a watch, but I guess very few will be made, and probably all would be sold and kept away.

It will, like the Seiko Spacewalk, deliver years of research to Seiko for much more volume products in 2021.

SEIKO DIVER top end model


Crystal of sapphire in 2 elements


  1. Bernaaaaard,

    Wow this is sooooo beautiful…..stunning……..but its extremely rare to find one……maybe in Japan they still have some…….but outside its practically impossible too find.
    How do you manged to get yours ??

    Take care



    • Bernard Cheong

      Hello Giancarlo,
      I am so happy to hear from you.
      Massanori Kondo helped me to get my 2 Galantes after I got back from your city. I think. I am still trying to wire some money to him.

      I was buying both watches without touching them, but I am so happy. I like this black watch so much.

      The details are VERY good.

      The assembly and finish is top notch and also new…the black process is not PVD or DLC for the base plate.

      I think it is also NOT a Galante in the normal chasis.

      The watch can be removed or attached as a module from the back.

      In fact, I think it is a single series…maybe 100 pieces or less.

      Did you get the lug and strap done?

      I have no functioning phone at the moment, because I am trying to learn how to use the new iphone8….arrghhh…Dolly is the only way to reach me.

      • oh oh oh oh thats a good news Bernard……yeahhhhhhh finally yogurt an iPhone yessss i’m too happy !!!! :):):) so soon we can be even more in touch !

        About the watches….yes they are top notch and they are beautiful very beautiful….. but as i said before they are extremely difficult to find here in Europe….maybe Massanori san can help me find one as well !! :):):)…..

        Yes I do get the lug….but not yet the strap…still waiting for mine as soon i’ll get it i’ll show it to you…

        Take care Bernard……



  2. Bernard Cheong

    It is generically termed a double domed crystal. The radius of this one is larger on the intside, but only within the center third. The outer radius is smaller. Hence with a very fine multi coat, this watch has zero reflection at all angles underwater.

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