SEIKO Galante all made in Morioka Japan, home of Grand Seiko

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Seiko Galante models cost more than any equivalent Grand Seiko.

Made in the same OCD way of the Grand Seiko, it is so rare, partly maybe due to the very polarizing, almost unacceptable design…on first look.

It is a series from 2003/5 to create an Opus type (Harry Winston) that has distinct Japanese watch making at the highest levels.

3 models, Astroboy, Beauty and the Beast, have made it to the rare realm of used watches costing more than new.

The Blue Rose Galante found in the USA and Australia have risen to no loss in resales.

Zaratsu polishing , Japanese style of total hand polish to Swiss black polish standards.

Textures used for the steel in between the “purpose laden crack work” is 10/10 to my personal judgement.

Dial design is very original and fine. Very fine.

The work on both the cracked crystal is amazing in life, it does NOT look like this, but like fine cracks.

mother of pearl, fabric, stone, feature as layers on the dial


the steel bezel has an amazing texture used in the “damaged” zone



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  1. Heyyyy Bernard welocme back on your website………… yeahhhhhhhh….. And this Glante its one of my top favouirite as well !!
    As usual well well done mate….



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