Rolex Oysterquartz less 2,500 made

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The FIRST thing you hear is that the sound of the ticking is a single precise “tic”. In a precise single second.

No rebound of the hand. All 100% forward.

Other quartz watches have many more tics per second.

At 2,500 datejust and less day dates, even less day date solid gold presidents..a total which makes this one of the very rare and sought after Rolexes made.

It was the 1970s, when the Swiss watch industry was in the middle of crisis, the very first quartz watch produced by Rolex, the Ref 5100. This watch was the fruit of Rolex’s participation (along with twenty other Swiss brands) in the Centre Electronique Horloger.

In 1972 the final Quartz Date watches from the single run of 1000 were sold and Rolex abandoned the Beta 21 and began with a clean slate designing their own quartz movement and a totally new watch to house it.

After another 5 years of new research, arguably the finest quartz movement was made.

This new module was one of the first quartz movements to utilize analog thermal compensation.

Oscillator stability over wide temperature ranges were accomplished by sensing ambient temperature.

Data is sent to one electronic module which regulates voltage to the quartz crystal.

A rate trimmer enables the movement to be manually “fine tuned”  before being sent to the COSC for “official” chronometer certification.

This rate trimmer allows for manual adjustment when the movement is serviced to compensate for the frequency drift that comes with the ageing.

About eighteen months after the Oysterquartz was introduced, a tuning fork shape was made for the quartz crystal.

The earlier movements were Rolex Mark I movements, while the later ones with the new shape quartz crystal were known as Mark II movements.

The Mark I 5035 Datejust movements were never submitted to the COSC for chronometer certification,

hence the absence of “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” on the very early Oysterquartz Datejust.

My own watch is tough, and the softer gold metal can be seen to be beaten and scratched, but I would love it this way.

Battery change is free for owners in Singapore, about 3 to 5 years….can be done at the shop.

This watch is not an easy find, and will cost $12,000 in solid gold President.

But worth every penny. Rolex may restore it to new during service, at about $5,000 for something as bad as mine.


Everything in this movement is a “lifetime”  vision, serviceable like their mechanical movements.

The 5035/5055 is similar to the traditional mechanical watch escapement.

The pallet fork moves a pallet wheel.

This wheel drives the second hand at with one tick per second.  The loud “tick” every second are the pallets engaging the wheel.

That is why the tick of the 5035/5055 is like the tick of a mechanical watch, though at one tick per second rather than the eight ticks per second of a 28,800 bph.

Rolex oysterquartz (1)Rolex oysterquartz (3)


Rolex oysterquartz (2)

Even though technology has moved.


This 5035/5055 movement remains one of the most “over-engineered” quartz movements ever produced.

Technology has quartz modules with superior accuracy, but this 5035/5055 only has one rival …the 2.4Mhz Omega 1516 movement Marine Chronometer.


However, the fit and finish (anglage, perlage, and Geneva stripes), this 5035/5055 is “superlative”.



Rolex oysterquartz (8)

Rolex oysterquartz (6)Rolex oysterquartz (4)Rolex oysterquartz (2)

Rolex oysterquartz (7)

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