Rebooting the good memories

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My unasked for, presumptive advice is that real happiness is to fix your present instead of recalling your past.


It’s more fun to revive the good times. If money is not an obstacle.
Psychology and presented in a simple way.

While nostalgia isn’t a bad thing, you have to understand it correctly. Why you feel nostalgic?

Your present life is no longer pleasant!

It elevates your mood when it finds that you are not feeling that good. The more you become satisfied with your life the less nostalgia you will experience.?


I collect old tech stuff because they make me laugh, or they fascinate me. I was not born yet when medieval medicine was around .. namely surgery!!!

Hublot gets it right. Tourbillons are GREAT. But some people, not me, are anal. Google the Hublot Liberty.

The swipe at “liberty” is there… for you to ponder. The other bit is that Hublot understands that the RIGHT place for some, is to place the tourbillon where the sun don’t shine!


Balle Confrerie Horlogere Hublot Liberty BNB Concept

Tell me this is NOT a suppository!?!? I bought one…

But to ramble along..

Is there anything in the world that is impossible to achieve?

Is it really hard to invent something?
Can’t you be a millionaire? or even a billionaire?

Because in life, there have to be losers… and winners. I just don’t enjoy losing.

And often, I do lose. But I get up, and I get even.

Take the fact that I was poor. Past tense.

I could not afford anything of a high class brand. Today, I would not think of anything unless it plays ball on the global stage.
It sounds totally narcissistic and boastful … but hey, that’s what blogs are really for.

As a watch collector, I struggle to understand classic designs. I feel I don’t belong. Richard Mille and MB&F were my thing… I was born, and I played a part.
But …. coming back to classics …I do get it …but only because 2 guys younger than I were talented and brave.
GREUBEL FORSEY. In today’s world of techno machines and hand work… this represents people born after 1950…all the way to 2020.

You can google and read about what it is … my point is that it’s REAL, and that for the price, it delivers.
It kicks ass.
It’s FUN…. and it is gonna be hell for them to make 100 a year.

So … it will be RARE.

After 10 years …only 1000 will exist. And if you look at what the BIG BOYS tell us is “rare”, they ain’t seen nothing like this.

Chew on it.


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