Rare Summilux Chrome on Brass 50mm & Greubel Forsey IP 1 Platinum 1 of 11

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Leica Summilux Greubel ForseyThis lens was made from , approximately 1960 to 1961. Before the asphericals came, and lived till today, unchanged…and usually copied by ALL others in many small variations IF money were no object.

Even though it is “flawed” by being not PERFECT…it will out deliver ANY modern lens today, even his own big, “Richard Mille” new money Noctilux.

I laugh when people don’t bother about history.

WHY Leica was made to be small, light, and good enough for Oskar Barnack. He was asthmatic. He loved out door walks.

He used 35mm and is the father of the entire world of modern photography as we know it..digital or film.



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