a very rare review: Greubel Forsey single 24/25 incline

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greubel 24 (1)May be giving up…with tears  n regret…as I guess it may never come back.

For a while..even now, I hope NO BODY has the desire to buy it, and I do get the watch back.

Here are the reasons, a review by me…thee first owner, of the No 8.


Class: Superlative rare art pieces, with at least ONE similar piece in circulation, but less than 10 in sum total existence.

Prices: From used : no precedent has been sold officially. Auctions lowest estimates are first in nov 30 and dec1 of 2015 USD $150,000 before all taxes and surplus charges.

New USD 300,000 was the lowest price known unofficially, net…brand new, from grey unauthorized sale in HKK.

Let me start this review by saying I have never owned or used, any watch that competes with this one as an overall package. 
It does everything and then some.
It offers me fantastic emotional corridors, abilities, fantastic sincere admiration from Patek and Lange owners of similar level.
Amazing snap and detail and beautiful filed edges that come out as large as you would ever photograph and admire in 5K iMac 27inch.
It is a true beauty, and one I expected to not love (I usually steer away from mega iconic watches due to the usual price tags involved.
This No8 came to me AFTER my purchase of a used, 2 yr old platinum IP 1 serial 00/11…which wiped out 8 watches from my first LV box.
2 years later, after the IP 1, during a slow down in sales in HKK, this platinum Greubel Forsey came my way…brand new, BUT the retailer hid behind an unstamped paper.
I know it was a set of 3 platinum, white dialed GF made.
It has a unique Swiss or German made wood box with marquetry of a superlative fine level, smaller by 30% of the usual GF boxes with the double side drawers.
I do not disclose the look of the box for reasons of not having a “spoiler”.
After a few weeks of use, I could finally sit down and write about all of my thoughts on this incredible technological marvel, the new, work engine from the house that is the LEICA or Alpa of watches, if you place Pateks and all else as the Canons and Nikons.

As of the end of 2014, there are about 780 total Greubel Forseys made,those who received their new  or used pieces and are enjoying it. I can state with conviction that I have enjoyed every second I have had with this stunning memory maker. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed writting it.

The single incline, when announced, was something I thought was a “Uh Oh” moment for GF. 
I had assumed that the 30 degree double would be so perfect, nothing could come near it.
Like the original 30 degree was when compared to later quadruple 30s. GF was promising a “no compromise” experience, the best of watchmaking, all in one movement, that would drive the GMT and almost all future GF…well, they did not say that specifically but hinted at it.
When I finally was able to own this half a million sgd watch, I started to realize that their claims were true (no compromise).
Here I was with a “much less bells and whistles” beauty in feel, build and looks and when I started wearing it I was blown away by EVERYTHING it was doing for me.
Those 1st few weeks were great but I knew I was not in the Cabestan or Richard Mille arena, ie it is an intellectually powered watch…no footballers or movie stars will be endorsing it, and the company had the past experience of how long Lange took from 1992, all the way to 2004 before Lange was even compared with a Patek.
If you are seeking superficial admiration of a new “toy”, NO GREUBEL FORSEY would fit your box or wrist.
It is not a chick magnet.
However, if you are thinking of owning a piece of art and technology, which will become a topic of reference and reverence, an equivalent of a Michelangelo or Da Vinci (the artist/scientist/inventor), that will not ever go wrong, or cost you money to maintain, or even be mistaken for some inexpensive object (yes…status matters), and that excitement would deliver before 2020, this is IT, it always will be…only the 30 double tourb in platinum can rival it.
Please note that platinum GF have recently been off the menu.
That is why these companies would make a new watch at this level only once every three years, as many people (the ones with enough cash or rarities to exchange) love to upgrade for something possibly new and historically relevant.
BUT because tech keeps evolving at a rapid rate in the materials and design arena, so companies like Patek and GF who make these pieces are pushing strong with the heartware to go with these incredible sculptures of machines , find it impossible to create an age proof, tech proof, relevant piece every 3 years….fact is, with the power of computing, another landmark that can even rival the current Greubel Forseys in work and finish and precision is almost impossible, unless we make a great leap forward in nano technology or gravity physics.
That’s beyond 2020, and even beyond 2030 by the time the tech can be used for art.
In any case, the more I examined and shared the details of this with collectors and engineers within the watch making, and even university materials research folk..the more impressed I was. When I did the initial posts on ThePurists, I was blown away and blown off.
I was shot in brutal full verbal abuse, in the magic hour !
But the fact that GF  just delivered the goods without fuss. The dynamics of an iconic item is astounding…..in this age of sharing and facetime n Facebook…my uncalled for rants in other forums were deserved for punishment, but it brought GF to light.
The Controversy
All the while I was enjoying these watches, I was seeing forum postings that has nothing to do with the magnitude of making such sculptures in series…with consistency that limits them to 80 or less watches a year. it boggles my mind.
If you believe what some who never touched these GF watches say, you would think you are paying for nonsense, due to marketing speil. Lol.
As you can see in this review, I see no issues with any of these. I also do not see any issues in my huge over the top remarks I made.
The whole thing has to do with the real capabilities of this watch as a serious tool for cash appreciation and institutional recognition. That is what matters. The real results.
No matter what controversies are aroused about awards….the Greubel Forseys have won them all…enough to become a force within the jury….I sat next to the two men in 2011…when Vianey Halter gave that speech you see on youtube and is on this blog.
There is at least another 5 to 8 years from 2015 before Greubel Forseys will over take any, and I really mean any brand.
These dynamics of the auctions are simply that…
That is one, but a MAJOR reason why I placed my own Greubel Forsey on the block….(1) It will not defeat the Pateks or Langes or the RMs in 2015.
And (2) I will place another Greubel Forsey, or the same one, on the block in 2020 and 2030. This is the ONLY honest way to demonstrate on print, and on the web, without doubt, how I managed to do the Panerai Story.
Whatever the outcome, if the watch is sold on the 1st December…the no8….at the highest estimate, it would still make the owner a richer man by quite enough to buy 2 of today’s current hottest Richard Milles. MARK these words in 2020.
That’s why I am not to happy to sell, but I was thinking it is the best way to demonstrate the values.
I am confident it is way too early to sell any Greubel Forsey…but somebody has to do it. Else it will never be chronicled .
Now let’s see….14 days to go.
Note FROST finish on Greubel Forseys vs normal Swiss cuttings.

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  1. Bernard,

    After this long reading I can only say….wow…..better that the watch is still with you….so we all can see what will happen in 2020 or 2030 when you’ll put it back on the block !

    By the way I really enjoy reading it.



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