Perspectives. Value. 1st look at watches from $100,000USD to $1,000,000 USD. Patek vs Lange vs Greubel Forsey.

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Perspectives. Value.

These are CREATED by culture, we must respect the media.

TRUMP is wrong to slay the media who actually created him.

People see Lange and Patek.

There was the 2005 to 2007 period when retail had to BEG customers to buy a Lange. But not a Patek.

I respect that.

The values created by the media have been used by me among many….with good intent.

I want, like anyone, to win over arguments but not over the barrel of a gun.

Greubel Forsey created the FIRST wave of 1,000,000 USD watches.

They are only NOW, 2016 actually, being recognised.

Good well done media like the Japanese Chronostime since the 1990s….and many grew in later…give better insight to WHAT a Greubel Forsey is.

It is a Porsche 911….sublime and impeccable.

The Lange is also a Porsche 911, but before the water cooled engines came.

The Patek is a Jaguar or Rolls…and as well put together too…I leave that remark, unblemished…


For close ups of Pateks…I suggest easily googled.

There are less than 100 Lange 1 tours that will be seen…more hidden.

Greubel Forsey owner pics are RARE…so I will place my own up.

Leica M240

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1 Comment

  1. Bernard,

    The GF its stunning well are stunning….i still prefer the IP1….remember one day yours should be mine….and I can continue and pursuit even more the cause !!
    The pateks its a little bit boring….even though they amazing and unmissable in any well respected collections !

    Take care


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