Personal Leica M240 and Leica Q

Are Leicas relevant?

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28mm fixed to an M leica

Leica Q

first pictures Leica Q

My clinic

the view from my deak, 10 by 10 foot room

the view from my deak, 10 by 10 foot room

The greatness of platinum, sheer sight and feel of opulence

The greatness of platinum, sheer sight and feel of opulence


MY very own Leica M240 and Leica Q

After 6 months…The Leica M240 is a status symbol that can cut both ways.

Personal advice, since I have been using one with ALL the options on, even to the leather colors is to think of the price.

In dollars, it will cost $10,000 sgd to have it functional.

Add another $10,000 to make it useful.

Minus 20% off all if you can find a good used piece.

It is so powerful and mind bending as a tool, that it will now split my main hobby (which I was not good at), which is photography into my blog.

It is flowing with enough, more than overkill, in educational content, to me at least….to make my blog almost free of words…yes..I am going to try minimal for a while.


I will photograph my unusual encounters,boring days, strange things, working, thoughts and all with pictures of anything and often old (more than 1 to 30yrs) watches, my own, not borrowed or supplied.

My blog does not advertise with intent.



that’s normal man, middle class life in Singapore.


LIFE if you use a Leica M240 to record it

I need a camera to take pictures of the Leica M240 and the Leica Q (a superb spare M with 28mm 1.7 ).

I would be using my old SONY A7 with a China made macro/bellows 60mm Laowa Venus.

For this post.

No post edits except crops.

Think of inexpensive, good cameras on expensive indulgences or extravagance!

The last photo is that of a greasy, unpolished Greubel Forsey lug, which I wear 3x a week for many years…makes up for hard times..toleration by looking at a simple, beautiful, curved and uniquely 3d flowing lug.

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