Patek Philippe Calatrava 3919

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Patek has 37 Calatrava models

The Calatrava 3919, small but strangely wearable.

Coming from me..wearing AP offshore and MB&F 1, this may sound strange.

I enjoy wearing my 1986 Calatrava 3919 in white gold serves me well and marks the year of my company’s birth.


Like my business, or profession, medicine…the 36mm 3919 is alive, well, enjoyed almost daily and aged zero.

This picture shows you what it is today…nearly 30 years without a service.

Look for a Patek Calatrava 3919

They are, these Calatrava 3919 getting more rare since 2014.

I have been hunting and buying another 3.

I have daughters. These are reliable, and easy for them to resell.

Small and elegant.

Version 2

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