Patek Philippe 5100 Manta rose gold sees light after 16 years

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5100 reference, the GREATEST , most value for money watch made after the age of the internet.

Patek’s only serious rival to Greubel Forsey.

All the molds and casts were destroyed and audited.

Not one useless complication. Simplicity at its best, totally Philippe DuFour and more.

Beauty with zero superfluous jazz.

750 made in RG, and 1500 in yellow…both are made to own and to mean real investments.

Twin barrels. 21,600 vpm….the finest uncomplicated watch ever made, and for the first time, I agree that the words Patek mean investment, for THIS watch.

Lesson: Use the watches we buy, and keep track.

5100 Manta Patek

5100 Manta Patek

1 Comment

  1. Bernard,

    this model is ok, but personally i prefer and believe that the Patek Ref. 5001T 1/1 is far more interesting and valuable ove the years then this one.
    Ok now probably its very hard to make some money with it, cos the price tag its already over, but few years ago maybe was the case.

    Love that pic, can i have it please in hi res…..with all the model in focus ?
    Thank you very much



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