One reason why VERY FEW watches will be done the Vianney Halter way…handwork

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The romance of hand made watches have returned over the last 20 years.

Prices have soared over 200%.

But there are a handful of watchmakers who do HANDMADE.

Literally to the limit of cutting the numbers of the dials by hand..not by machine or printing.

These works by Vianney Halter make him very different.

Looking at the Deepspace, I would wish to have mine with  hand painted words.

Whatever that required machining, used leg driven or old motor driven lathes.

There is simply an overload of handwork!

It will take 100x what a proper 21st century factory backed, but yet hand crafted piece is.

The days of these hand worked pieces will return, there is both a demand and a need, to know that if you save for one…the reward of knowing that you have a piece of your OWN belief in hardwork, and in idealism is shared.

Watches like these will cost more than a Porsche (new), except in Singapore! is made to be lasting and easily maintained.

deepspace (2)deepspace (1)vianney halter (3)vianney halter (4)vianney halter (1)vianney halter (2)


  1. like that last photo very much dr.
    feel like something long gone is coming back.

  2. Wow Bernard, very good pic !
    Did you shoot with RX1 or NEX-7 ?

    Have a nice day



  3. Would like to say you are my biggest horological idol in Singapore.
    I love reading your blog and gives me great information.
    hmmm, now if only i can be under your horological tutelage. haha..
    Anyway, Nice and alluring collection you have, Sir!

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