Old watches : My personal ones from 1928 Ebel to 2007 Greubel Forsey, 2014 Omega Speedy Ceramic

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ebel19281928 (2)

First..just by looking at something my grand mother used in 1928, before the war.


Not since 1976, when I removed the movement you see here from the aging steel casing.

There is rust, but damned little of it.

It works 100%. Even being so darn filthy from dust being able to enter the case.

I don’t know how.

Ebel that's 86yrs old

Ebel that’s 86yrs old

More to come, as I will edit this post tonight.

Of course this watch would have been hand made and assembled like wise.

Look at the edges of the metal plates.

Look at the screws, and how the oils have dried out completely.

The Geneva stripes, the finish that gives many watches that “salmon flesh sushi” look.

Even if we took the topic of “hand made” and run with it….we can see that, and I have to use an extreme example to make sure we can see the difference, the Greubel Forsey , aged from 2007, will be seen as incredible.

Look at the dial.

The irregularities.

It was a nightmare to work on that by hand.

To write and to draw the lines.

Today, using Greubel Forsey as the landmark that is/ has not yet been surpassed…even arguably…they employed the best of what should be employed. Either hand or numeric cutters.

The choice of metal, platinum and gold.


Greubel Forsey rear view

greubel forsey ip1 (3)


1928 (4)

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  1. Bernard Cheong

    I wish to comment on my own pictures.
    These are of my actual grandma’s watch. I like to highlight the damages.
    The dents. Scratches.
    Today’s movements will age with zero or almost close to zero defects.
    They will look as new as if made yesterday.

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