No brand wristwatches? MB&F or URWERK or Vianney Halter or Richard Mille?

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Birkins and Bussers

Rolex and Pateks …many already ARE Birkins..sokare some APs and RMs.
Carrying one says ‘I have enough money to spent on one of these and I actually managed to get one’. It has status and screams wealth, however carrying one does not automatically give you taste or fashion sense.
Fashion is not about shoving an expensive handbag on your arm and forgetting the rest. Fashion is about creation, imagination and style.
Tim Gunn yesterday where he basically says the 3ame thing –
“I frankly have serious difficulty understanding the appeal of really expensive (and by that I mean over $600) bags. Six hundred dollars is the bare minimum when it comes to those stratospheric bags. The Hermes culture of “Well it’s mad e by 60 people in an attic in the countryside of France” — to be blunt, who cares? And all these matching pelts. Who fundamentally cares? It’s a big slouchy hobo bag. It’s not as though it’s a tailored piece of luggage. I just don’t understand it. I say to people who really want to reach and are looking at $5,000 handbags, “Spend half that amount and give the other half to charity.” I just don’t like conspicuous consumption. I find it distasteful. ”

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