Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, versus DeBethune and Richard Mille? to Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire is the best show on illustrate IMMEDIATELY what game is afoot.

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Want to make an ICONIC product?

Have a GOOD product, better yet, an excellent product.

Make it so damned hard to get!!!

Make it almost illegal to get.

Treat your customers who managed to get one ….not so well…treat them as if they were fortunate they got one.

In other words…run the business like a gangster…hmmmm.

Sigh. Not what I would teach my kids…but they must be wary of the is the Art of War.


Next to Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire is the best written show on television. I am a VERY extreme reader and television explorer of “television’s new horizons”.

Today..what is Atlantic City?

For BIGGER on gallery pics/or the main pics


I surfed up:

New Jersey casino regulators have fined two Atlantic City casinos nearly $200,000 for violations including using unshuffled cards, and not having enough security on hand.

The violations were announced today by The state Division of Gaming Enforcement

Bally’s Atlantic City was fined $105,000 for allowing people on the self-exclusion list to gamble, letting an underage patron gamble, and not fully staffing required security positions.

The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort was fined more than $91,000 for using unshuffled cards for 3 ½ hours in games of mini-baccarat.

The state also confiscated more than $4,000 won by self-excluded gamblers at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

All of the casinos admitted the violations and have taken corrective actions, including suspending or firing several employees.

The dramatization of “Boardwalk Empire” actually quite sums up what the watch industry is like…it’s old world, with new dynamics.

Brutally ruled. I look at “prohibition” in 1920s USA, thru the lens of this series and see many similarities.

Today, we see Atlantic City, from a tourists like me as:


Prohibition is as alien to me as a “concept”, but it was HISTORY for many friends in the USA.

The Prohibition Era in the United States has a storied past.

Beginning with various temperance movements in the 1830’s and finally with the passage of the 18th amendment.

However, the short-lived and the 18th amendment was repealed thirteen years later.

1830’s – Temperance Movements begin advocating for abstinence from alcohol.

1851 – The first prohibition law is passed in Maine.

1855 – 13 states have enacted prohibition legislation.

1890 – The National Prohibition Party elects its first member of the House of Representatives.

1893 – The Anti-Saloon League is formed.

1917 – The US Senate passes the Volstead Act on December 18th which is one of the significant steps to the passage of the 18th amendment.

1918 – The War Time Prohibition Act is passed to save grain for the war effort during the first World War.


1919 – On October 28th the Volstead Act passes the US Congress and establishes the enforcement of prohibition.


1919 – On January 29th, the 18th amendment is ratified by 36 states and goes into effect on the federal level.


1920’s – The rise of bootleggers such as Al Capone in Chicago highlight the darker side of prohibition.


1929 – Elliot Ness begins in earnest to tackle violators of prohibition and Al Capone’s gang in Chicago.


1932 – On August 11th, Herbert Hoover gave an acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination for president in which he discussed the ills of prohibition and the need for its end.


1933 – On March 23rd, Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Cullen-Harrison Act which legalizes the manufacture and sale of certain alcohol.


1933 – On December 5th, prohibition is repealed with the 21st amendment.

Why am I fascinated?

Because the watch industry is going thru similar phases!

But with LESS colorful characters, thank God.



A list of cities that were greatly influenced by the passing of the 18th amendment and had a huge rise to organized crime, due to bootlegging trade.

Atlantic City Atlantic City was run by corrupt politician Nucky Johnson during the prohibition era. He used his political power to secure ports where alcohol could be shipped directly to the beaches of Atlantic City. It was a notorious tourist attraction and had a sinister reputation as ‘The world’s playground”.




Is not life great?

I look at business, laws, and then at the world’s corrupt versus clean appetite for luxury goods of watches, jewelry, cars…money.

And I throw myself back into work, at the clinic I work in…which has really..NONE of this darker side.



LIFE…I live it my way.

Barely. But possible.

I actually feel good writing this…and I hope I help friends understand that I don’t buy branded goods, expensive stuff, if I can get the same for less.

I am an ordinary guy.

Well…in 30% of my life.

My watch at work…?


a mix of





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