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Since my deserved but rather upsetting “troll” label on another forum, I returned to a small amateur reflection on my own philosophy of economics, industrial design and personal entertainment.

Yes, a mish mash of trivia if one is in the pursuit of making a living. Fortunately, after a rough take off from the 1950s to the late 80s, I no longer work to survive. Thanks to a good government, parents, health, being married to a wonderfully good person (absolutely a necessity, not an accesory) Dolly,great kids who took only the very best genetic downloads from me and wife. And most basic of all, a belief in the God of Jesus Christ.

This preamble is needful. Without which the reader, you, will not have any inkling to what on earth I live for.

Those who have never met me, will almost always feel that I am proud, boastful and arrogant, hiding behind a mask of ecentricity. That is an analysis that holds water, because there is truth in that.

I am ashamed.

For those who do know me, I have not any explanation except that they will always expect the unusual.

Watch collecting is not my “thing”, its really an offshoot of personal, selfish entertainment. That it became a monster economy, created jobs from scratch, reinvented art, changed the flow of internet dynamics and materialized print media that only once existed in large, deeply researched quantum from both Japan (most important) and Europe  (much more shallow before Singapore’s entry into the internet)….is a small part that occupies my heart.

Rolex and Patek is mainstream, materialistic status driven stuff, but damned good stuff….so good that I myself struggle to fully understand these brands, and why I still look up to them, and buy them.

The rest evolved when the internet was born….and the flood of revelations of one of the least discussed, and rarely challenged industries changed watch making forever from 1998.

SEIKO is a landmark brand, icon and an index so large, that any change into its history if time travel were possible, would have given us a different world.

To really know about good watch making, I used to study SEIKO watches from the outside, literally, as from 1973 to 1998…I dared not open a watch.

Digital photography changed ALL. We can now compare, study and decide for ourselves what we like. Anyone who has read this far is a person who needs no advice about his/her taste or aesthetics and history.



Although the Japanese have art for centuries, we know “the japanese look” when we see it…why?

My amateur feel is that the philosophical discipline in Japan corresponding to Western “aesthetics” did not quite gel until maybe just 100 years before the war, the Second World War ( source: The Flyboys, I highly recommend not reading, but listening to this on audiobook).

A good way is to survey and examine the most important aesthetic Japanese ideas that have arisen in the course of history, before aesthetics was formally established as a discipline: namely, mono no aware (the pathos of things).

I cannot stress this more than that. One must at least understand aesthetics as a DISCIPLINE. On the shallow at very least.

For Japanese things, I reference:

wabi (subdued, austere beauty),

sabi (rustic patina),

yūgen (mysterious profundity),

iki (refined style),

and kire (the cut or cutting).

I began this nonsense in 2007 to 2014 after my first blast of workmanship ala Grand Seiko…..which probably has more philosophy and history locked into their creative coding than many paintings hanging in museums.

I am no pro in philosophy, and I am a nut who believes in Jesus.

Here, I copied verbatim as far as possible some old book:

Two observations about Japanese tradition.

(1) It seems that Japanese understand basic reality as constant change. The arts in Japan reflect this impermanence, often celebrating it. Yoshida Kenkō,  Essays in Idleness (Tsurezuregusa, 1332).

I love this because of one thing: Biblical really! The call to vital activity right NOW and to gratitude for another moment of time being granted to us, free.

(2) The arts in Japan practice self-cultivation, “ways [of living]”: chadō,

the way of tea (tea ceremony),

shōdō, the way of writing (calligraphy), etc.

The “Six Arts”—

ceremonial ritual,




archery (shooting?)

and charioteering (driving and cars?)

all with close connection with intellect and the life of the mind. Not the occasional Richard Mille BS, although I like and own his watches.

Even now, 2015, I see in Japan, a scholar to be a fine calligrapher and an accomplished poet.

It inspired me to WRITE on paper during work till today, and to watch religiously, GOOD television series and GOOD films with emotional and intellectual weight.

My friends know my pursuits of these 6 disciplines are quite mad.

I have lots of fun.



SABI (Patina)


Yugen (grace)

Ike, Kire

(style and cutting)

and Ozu Yasujirō (they understood the ultimate long term influence of cinema)

So…let’s leave it simmering here.

Seiko made their watches to be used.

Forget all that mumbo jumbo and realise that the watches I show here are a sample of what I bought and did not sell away.

They were both assembled in a hands on highly advanced facility as well as hands on highly old school, real life, hand made way.

with the presence of plastic basins, wash cloths, but…supreme cleanliness and a OCD environment of the absolute.

Just admire:

These SEIKOs with “5” are largely made outside Japan.

The rest have made in Japan..and those are 10x above, also cost 10x above!


My favourites are all here!!!

From $200 Seiko my wife gave me, to $7,000 sgd huge, thick Seiko Gallants I bought in Japan and thru friends.

Do look out for the rarest automatic Seiko divers with Ceramic gold coming only to Japan, since only 700 will be made.

Yes Prospex style. Shrouded and all.






  1. The Seiko ‘s PROSPEX SBDB001, with the big screw on the middle first bracelet piece, between the top and the bottom lugs, may be a great buy used.

  2. The Seiko ‘s PROSPEX SBDB001, buy used.

  3. The Seiko ‘s PROSPEX SBDB001, used.

  4. How do I buy that Master Marine 300?
    What is a good used price.
    I saw a few on the SWX.
    Singapore Watch Exchange.

  5. Bernard Cheong

    wow…,missed this response…

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