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My life built around wife, family and parents (first) and then friends, work and livingI am much much more than a “survivor”. I am a liver and giver of life. I try my best.

If you have met, spoke to me after I became a little more self aware, meaning after I met my wife and her friends, in 1983…you will agree that I am the Tom Cruise of life. The Clint Eastwood of being arrogantly elegant.

I hope! was remarkable that Cruise does his work himself… 53 !!!

I say this with a tongue in cheek approach. I am not either of these great men.

But I want that kind of spirit.

It is much harder a life to play a doctor in a movie orTV, than being one. I say this on emotional grounds.

It is taxing to be rejected for 100 roles, 100 times, and see another person you, at very best, consider an equal.

Then they get a break…and 7 of 10 it flops.

A real life, simple GP doctor deals with his life, his time, and often has little rejection. For me, I deal with ego.

Ego is my weakness and my strength. I had no idea till I was 33 or so.

Word to parents with daughters, like us…we know to share that a man can be good after 33…but also vice versa.

I am not a good example. I was a darn lazy student. My classmates would call me mad. Actually I was a conniving, scheming coward. On looking back, this is my judgement of myself.

Self reviewal is a discipline I picked up only after I became a small public figure…then “small”…good for ego, bad for security…afraid to loose relevance.

I began monthly self appraisals before Google was born.

I see myself as a B grade actor, in a academy film….I don’t belong. However, on analysis, most people will or would consider that I have lead an extremely good, blessed life. Even from 2004 and before that, as far back as 1989.

I have money enough to help others who need it, and it does not hurt.


God’s power of protection.

A wife who is my best friend, we argue and we also agree. We will always see things good.

I have parents who are loving and I am proud of.

I really don’t have to work. I work to exercise my thoughts and body.

I have reached a level where I treasure enemies or people who are intelligent/famous enough, yet I remain relevant for them to waste negative energy on! And I have not hurt them.

Value people who don’t agree with you. They are honest with you. They may be wrong about a narrow topic…but they endorse your relevance.

If you have zero enemies, you may be out of the loop, or totally insignificant.

More after a few snap shots:

Friends come in all forms.


Even inanimate. My vast, borderline order behaviour…watches and antiques from my lifetime.

These pictures are arranged from new at top, to old, long ago, at the bottom.

Watches are friends…they are living in suspended animation.

Diaries of our decisions and lives.

Buy at least ONE good watch…especially now..low euros, and rapid technology, changes that will date stamp your watch…and more…it will always be relevant in design.

Below..a Greubel Forsey..the Rolls Royce of the first generation made by that company.



Desk with a million dollar baby.

Desk with a million dollar baby.

Life large

Life large



More friends

More friends

1st jan2014 copy


Next morning before going to the ward rounds..

Next morning before going to the ward rounds..

K K or Kadang Kerbau Hospital. Back in 1979. Pic taken by my Nikon F3 or Nikkormat on a 50mm asa400.

K K or Kadang Kerbau Hospital. Back in 1979. Pic taken by my Nikon F3 or Nikkormat on a 50mm asa400.


  1. Bernard Cheong

  2. Dear Mr Cheong,
    This is Vidya Prabhu from the magazine, Robb Report India. I write to you with an image request: The US edition of Robb Report has done a feature on you and your collection of watches; we, at Robb Report India, wish to reproduce the story along with your images. Since we plan to carry the story in our forthcoming issue, I request you to kindly assist us with some high-resolution (above 300dpi and 1mb size) photographs of both yourself and some watches from your prized collection. It would be great if you could have them sent to us at the earliest; you could also mark them at
    Thanks for your support,

    • Bernard Cheong I have only JUST read this…by accident.

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