my first entry since 2006 from a defunct blog

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I have been inspired to enter and begin a new fresh blog since the world has
(1) Turned incredibly serious and self reflective.
(2) I am now really mature biologically at age of 50s, and I am about to see if one, ie me, can grow backwards and be 48 by next year. I was actually born in 1958.
Basically this means running on a treadmill 5 to 7 km daily, and reading more.
(3) Thepuristspro and facebook will continue to be my so called more public journals.
(4) My children are more matured and actually more knowledgeable in many facets of life than I am, except for experience
(5) I am much more happy, wealthy, and healthy. More important, I was inside the ordinary curve like everyone else, and I made it out without a grand influx of dollars. I think that I can help others make it out of the bell shaped curve as well, if they wish.

It should begin simple, from me, it will start with a few tools:
(A) Spend the next 3 months or so to get yourself a good respectable and interesting wristwatch, if you do not have one.
(B) Surf the web for GOOD shoes, again if you don’t already have a pair, and start with googling Corthay Pierre and Oakley.
(C) Buy/rent Six Feet Under, a series by Alan Ball. Spend a month or so to watch it with family.
(D) Then upgrade your computer and digital camera in June or so, use a good micro 4/3s camera, and learn to grow your own style of taking pictures…go to the site “luminouslandscape” and “DPreview” to begin.
(E) Google “bernard cheong” and read my old posts in the US website called thepuristspro…google “bernard cheong purists” will help.

This will be a great fun thing.
It WILL change your life.
AND…as a bonus, if you do stay in Singapore. Get to meet me.
I rarely bore people.

Best, Bernard

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  1. I like to see more

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