My Chinese New Year 2014, ordinary but blessed.

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Now …compared to last year’s posts…this is my actual office reception lounge.

It’s not the hall or living room of my home. That is at ground level, 4 floors beneath.

It has been hard for me during the 70s, working to save for a home. Eventually, I built…literally, with the Late minister Lee Chiaw Meng, architects James Yip, and more than a few friends, this home. It cost me a grand total of $800,000.

I had about a negative balance of $16,000 in my bank.

I used to Q to see the teller etc etc..and to apply for loans.

I guess it is an understatement that I went past that phase. I am well aware that most people, all the world over will not go past that phase. Where banks come to you, and not the other way around.

Fact is: I have NEVER felt rich or privileged. And maybe that’s why life was and is a wonderful journey.

I must do something relevant.

Besides already NOT accumulating any money…given away…I guess it’s my smaller responsibility to create a materialistic reward for the next generation.

Hence my intense interest in helping people of all income levels to buy and reward themselves for their work.

Spiritual and intellectual rewards are not the same. It’s just not “as fun” or as good in the gut feel.

Mistakes I have made was not to focus on the work of Greubel Forsey. I must stress that for those who can afford, please do yourself a favor, and seriously invest in one, any one.

The right things I did, in order of importance, was to champion Vianney Halter, IWC, Lange, Ulysse Nardin, Omega, MB&F, DeBethune.

These brands are not at the level of Greubel Forsey, but they are affordable…well…IWC, Omega and Ulysse Nardin do make some very good stuff.

Lange and DeBethune, if you have a bit more to spend.

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