Muhammad Ali Born January 1942 legend

Ordinary people touched by legends in a different era

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Muhammad Ali Legend

The first ever superstar of the age of TV and Mass communication.

He was a GLOBAL superstar…as described many times by many journalists.

Sinatra had to join a Q to see him.

Burt Lancaster was a commentator during a fight.

Norman Mailer would talk about him.

A 3 million dollar pot was HUGE when that era, James Bond movie villains held the world ransom for 1 million.

Somethings are NOT impossible.

He made HIS own pursuit of a sport famous… he was an inspiration for anyone who says somethings are impossible.

It is GOOD to remember him, even if most here have never watches him fight LIVE…I was / am fortunate.

When his leather bound book appeared, signed…and hand printed and bound, for $6,000 USD…I got myself a copy. I still own it. It weighs over 60 pounds.


Muhammad Ali Born 1942 passed on today June 4th 2016.

He changed the way I saw things from my age in 1974.

Looking back, I was too young, too lacking in mind to know it.

I experienced his presence as a young boy, that BOXING, an unknown small sport, if at all in 1974 Singapore island, barely 9 years old as a country and had just begun our new currency and huge land parcels were freehold at $1 at a sq foot on the outskirts and $1.50 cents in the city.


Ali Sept 4


  1. A true legend ! And lately became an Icon !

    • Bernard Cheong

      A world of sports that I was too immature at even teenage years to appreciate, but…he was a hero to me, a kid all the way to an adult.

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