Leica Sonnetar , a lens by MS 1.1 50mm for Leica M240

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Leica Sonnetar

What on earth has Leica to do with a Sonnetar or any M S lens?

I enjoy the MS Sonnetar on my Leica 240M-P

The use of VERY challenging, yet rewarding lenses, the MS Sonnetar is one.

On the maestro powered M240 Leica.

Not for everyone.



All these are by the 2 named equipment today, 6 hours ago.

The pic of the Leica and Sonnetar are by a Sony A7.





Leica Sonnetar

It needs personal calibration.

The aperture ring will turn when used.

The focus will turn and change the aperture.

In other words, eccentric, rare, educational and puts some thought into your lens purchases.

You don’t really think about Bokeh, but of focus.

This lens takes away the technical part of lenses.


MS is a VERY small maker, like Vianney Halter…but in Japan Chiba !

Look for the M S 1.3 50mm Mode S lens…it was a 2006 make.

It is more precisely a 52mm 1.3 for the special reasons:

It replaces it with the imperfect brush and oils.

It is so unusual, not quirky, not faulty…that it goes specialy for the Pentax Q in 2014..a 25mm as I mentioned.

The Apoqualia, which I bought is also a paint brush !!!

I think if you wish to EXPLORE…and to dip into art…you DO NEED these Apoqualia, Sonnetar, and several Mode S from pre 2010.

Of course the Leica Cron 50mm V4 is a MUST.

That is a REAL camera…the MS brings paints into your pictures.

MS Sonnetar 50mm (4)MS Sonnetar 50mm (2)MS Sonnetar 50mm (1)

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