MOST expensive watch in the world by 2020

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The MOST expensive watch by 2020

EXPENSIVE is the word.

The MOST expensive watch by 2020 to 3016, a hundred years, will be a GREUBEL FORSEY.

To predict something so daring, I have to offer a public punishment if I am wrong.

I offer a self imposed punishment of $590,000 USD and more, because I will put the money where my mouth is, and BUY the damned thing.

Not many people, thankfully, have asked why I am so ‘Greubel Forsey” these days.

Am I being paid? Am I shilling, so that I can sell my own 3 Greubel Forseys?

I don’t expect answers to be believed…at least by 50% of who ever reads this.

But in Singapore, the Tax Man knows.

He is welcome to post here, he/she has all of my tax returns…and that’s my proof.


I have NO FREE gifting’s from Greubel Forsey or Complitime, in fact, I even owe them money.


WHY will the first Greubel Forseys made go higher?

1 The first series, and the second, and the third…are universally beautiful in the emotional, proportional and timeless sense of the perspective.

Arguments for and against would scale into the “Is the series X Porsche 911 better than the series Y 911” kind of category.

2 It now past the 12th year of making the 1,088 watches from that small workshop…and it looks like it will follow the dynamics of ALL GOOD BRANDS…the desirability to own the first few made are always 100 times that of what is made in 3016.

It is actually going to be MUCH easier to monitor where and how well these antiques (by 2050) fare, unlike prior to the internet days.

3 These amazingly made and assembled watches are also INCREDIBLY tough and robust, and unlike all the oils, sculptures, car and musical instrument collections, will be likely to withstand a (exceptions are few) nuclear war…nobody will argue that.

4 There are ACTUALLY VERY WELL ACCOUNTED FOR, which was NOT possible for all the previous brands…due to the GREAT WARS of the 1918 to 1945, these solid platinum pieces made, exactly 11 plus 38, of the 2 models I am banking on.

5 We who are reading this, IMHO, will live to see the first few go thru the rounds of DOWN price ( even Monet’s and Bugatti Atlantics depreciated for a short era) and more importantly, the UP CLIMB to as high as 5 million USD by 2038, I will be 80 years old then.

6 We are talking about Leica lenses here, not Guarneri’s or Stradivarius violins which need more than taste and money to appreciate the damned thing. This means you and I, mortals, can play with, touch, show them around etc etc…

7 Unlike a classic car, or a castle, these watches cannot be faked without losing more than 80% of the factors which make them so beautiful…just like you can’t fake medicines of a certain level of potency, effect and that life saving leverage. You can fake the cars, gems, castles in China, and those who are not familiar will not know…unless you point out the parts.

8 Like all great Leica lenses and a few cameras, you can tell it is so damned good without the brand stuck on its forehead. It was made that way. Look, we all know that Greubel Forsey makes some watches or parts for others, BUT….they will NEVER put the two names there UNLESS, like in Opus 6, the part is up to their entry bar.

9 I cannot tell the world that it will be cheaper to make GREAT looking watches costing 100x less by 2018. Fact: when photography was being invented, many of that time “predicted” the END of expensive paintings, and the precious wall hangings in the Louvre will line bird cages…Naaaah.

10 Those 2 clever guys knew all of this will come to pass, and worked with discipline to grow their company that way…resisting the path of going “corporate” until maybe 10 to 12 years from now, or never.

So which will go to the Louvre or the Vatican

These are MINTED out as carefully as more than 50% of the currencies in the present world.
You will NOT discover a hidden, valuable, unknown piece…ever.

1 The platinum pieces of Invention piece 1. Only 11 plus one “proto” (may not exist).

2 About 5 to 8 of the Art Piece 1 with Wiggin’s work, but they are in gold, white gold.

3 All of the platinum Vision 30s made with MOP, and as Art Piece 2. They are close to the same watch, just a few strokes of the CAD. Same price both, as the ART piece 2 is in gold.

Valuable watches of an era

I predict this, will be the most valuable together with 2 other models

Gold, not as valaued as platinum

Only competitor to the Invention piece 1 platinum

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  1. Who are these brand or brands?

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